Repertoire - Full Tunes List


This is a list of tunes we play or are working up to add to our repertoire
Tune Name Time Signature Sample Recording Comment  
The Brown Haired Maiden 2/4 March  Open Modal

Modal Title

Corriehoillie's Welcome to the Northern Meeeting 2/4 March    
Teribus 2/4 March    
 Maries Wedding  2/4 March    
The Black Bear  2/4 March    
The Highland Laddie  2/4 March    
My Love's She's but a Lassie Yet 2/4 March    
Jenny's Bawbee 2/4 March    
The Barren Rocks of Aden 2/4 March    
3/4 RETREATS    
Green Hills of Tyrol 3/4 (Retreat)    
When the Battle's Over 3/4 (Retreat)    
Land of My Youth 3/4 (Retreat)    
The Dream Valley of Glendaruel 3/4 (Retreat)    
9/8 RETREATS    
The Battle of the Somme 9/8 (Retreat)    
The Heights of Dargai 9/8 (Retreat)    
4/4 MARCHES    
The Meeting of the Waters 4/4 March    
Scotland the Brave 4/4 March    
The Badge of Scotland 4/4 March    
The Bluebells of Scotland 4/4 March    
Flett from Flotta 4/4 March    
Arran Hills 4/4 March    
Wings 4/4 March    
Greenwood Side 4/4 March    
Jimmy Findlater 4/4 March    
The Bonnie Lass o' Fyvie 4/4 March    
Doctor Cam Stewart 4/4 March    
Burnt Island (Arr. D Murray; Composer D Murray) 4/4 March    
1976 Police Tattoo 4/4 March    
Murdo's Wedding 4/4 March    
Old Rustic Bridge 4/4 March    
Cockney Jocks 4/4 March    
Waltzing Matilda 4/4 March    
Paddy's Leather Breeches  6/8 Jig    
6/8 MARCHES    
Atholl Highlanders  6/8 March    
 100 Pipers  6/8 March    
 Bonnie Dundee  6/8 March    
 Steamboat  6/8 March    
 Ellen Cove (Arr. D Murray; Composer D Murray)  6/8 March Play Sample Tune

Sample Tune - Scraich of Moray

 Composer: D Murray : Arr. D. Murray  
Major May 6/8 March    
Major Bobbie 6/8 March    
Leaving Port Askaig 6/8 March    
The Orange and the Blue 4/4 Strathspey    
Highland Whiskey 4/4 Strathspey    
Loudon's Bonny Woods and Braes 4/4 Strathspey    
The Piper of Drummond 2/2 Reel    
Amazing Grace 6/8 Slow    
Highland Cathedral 6/8 Slow    
Skye Boat Song 6/8 Slow    
Iona Boat Song 6/8 Slow    
Flower of Scotland 6/8 Slow    
Road to the Isles 2/2 Slow    
Summer Time 6/8 Slow    
My Home 6/8 Slow    
Auld Lang Syne 6/8 Slow    
The Mist Covered Mountain 6/8 Slow    
Westering Home 6/8 Slow    
Loch Rannoch 6/8 Slow    
Bonnie Strathyre 6/8 Slow    
Pride of the Earth 6/8 Slow    
Going Home 6/8 Slow    
Mull of Kintyre 6/8 Slow    
Song Of Joy 6/8 Slow    
Greensleeves 6/8 Slow    
 King George Sound (Arr. D Murray; Composer D Murray) 6/8 Slow  Composer: D Murray : Arr. D. Murray  
Broken Saplings    


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