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Not every occasion will be suitable for a drummer, so you have the option of solo piper also

[pricing columns="two"] [price-col table-config="first" table-caption="Solo Piper" action-url="#" action-caption="Sign Up"][li]Weddings[/li][li]Funerals[/li][li]Other occasions where using a solo piper is more suitable[/li][price-tag]$200[sub][/sub][/price-tag][/price-col] [price-col table-config="last" table-caption="Piper and Drummer" action-url="#" action-caption="Sign Up"][li]Concerts[/li][li]Street Marches[/li][li]Fetes & Fairs (e.g. community, church or school fetes)[/li][price-tag]$200[sub][/sub][/price-tag][/price-col]


* Fees cover ongoing maintenance and upkeep of instruments and uniforms


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